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The Bay at St. Ann offers residents a comprehensive range of therapy and care programs for treating a variety of post-acute challenges. Our experienced therapists use the latest therapy equipment and techniques to help residents’ transition back to living independently in their homes.

Our clinical care and comprehensive therapy programs include:

  1. Short and Long-Term Nursing Care
  2. Ostomy Care and Training
  3. Dementia Care
  4. Respite Care
  5. IV Therapy
  6. Wound Care
  7. Tube Feeding
  8. Hospice Care
  9. Transportation Services
  10. Dental Services
  11. Podiatry Services
  12. Behavioral Services
  13. Palliative Care
  14. Hydrotherapy
  15. Bariatric Care
  16. Weight Loss Management

Physical/Occupational Therapy
Innovative clinical pathways include an exercise program that is designed to restore motion, increase strength and achieve a greater degree of independence. This program also incorporates joint and soft tissue mobilization, pain management, orthotic/prosthetic training, as well as education specific to each individual’s injury or illness.

Speech Language Pathology
Includes comprehensive evaluations and can assist patients with improved speech production, swallowing skills, improved memory and thinking, while establishing compensatory strategies in these areas.

Outpatient Therapy
We offer outpatient therapy within our facility to assist the community with their therapeutic needs. The main goals of these services are to restore function and renew life by providing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology.

Many payer sources accepted including:

  1. Medicare
  2. Medicaid
  3. Private/Self Pay
  4. Many Insurances

(Please contact us for the most current list of providers)

We have implemented a number of precautionary measures to address recent concerns related to COVID-19. Please call our Covid Hotline at (414) 246-5050 or click here to LEARN MORE